Brand Development


We understand brands and how they work. 


What is a brand?


How is it created, built and sustained?


What makes it profitable and future-proof?


Let’s start with what a brand isn’t.


Whatever some designers claim, it isn’t just a shiny new logo.


Unless the product, service, idea or ideal has true merit, a corporate ID is like a building without foundations.


Or a handsome con man.


Any short term success, generated by marketing and offline, or online promotion, will ultimately fail.


Nevertheless, your brand must obviously have a logo. Like the Nike swoosh, it becomes visual shorthand for Good. Desirable.


A brand is, first and foremost, about ownership of something worth having.


When people align themselves with your brand values, they are claiming an alliance with you.


We will help your brand, whatever position it finds itself in your market.


Our methodology is unique.  It is tried and tested.  It is borne from years of practical experience managing brands and from understanding the principles behind effective brand development.


In short, we KNOW how to develop brands to best effect.  We “get” the crucial interaction of capability, philosophy, environment and customer that provides the platform for brand success.  And we want to bring it to you.


We also know that that a brand is only a promise.  And if you want a bigger brand, make a bigger promise.  We understand that the brand is NOT what you tell people it is.  Nor is it what people tell you it is.  No – it is what people tell ONE ANOTHER it is.  And for them to do that in ways you want means you need a full understanding of how the brand is delivered by your people and experienced by your customer.  No-one does that better.


That is what we do, and that is what we deliver.