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Welcome to Parker Marketing – the home of uncommon sense. 

We believe that good business requires honest answers to four important questions:

·         Who are you?

·         Who are they?

·         Who are you to them?

·         Who are they to you?

Our simple goal is to help businesses deal with these must-answer questions.  We do this by providing what we like to call “Marketing Intelligence”.


What is Intelligence?

The Scholarly view is that the noun Intelligence derives from two Classical Greek words. In Athens, 2,500 years ago, inter meant between. It still does.  The second word - legere - implied the act of gathering, choosing, or speaking.

Put them together and you have the concept of information, gathered, sifted and discussed between members of a group organisation, or community.

Intelligence refers to intellectual capacity, which is essential to the act of gathering, choosing and using.
It may be shared, or broadcast - intelligently, of course.